Metals & Care

We love offering a diverse array of metals here at Amalily, so that there is something for every budget and occasion. Here are the following metals that we work with and a little bit of information about them.

Costume Jewellery

Our costume jewellery is widely adored for being an excellent quality considering the price point. We use an electro plating technique on an alloy base, which allows such durability on such gorgeous statement pieces.

It is a high-specification plating technique that we use but with the nature of costume jewellery, it is always important to take good care of it.

If you'd like it to last as long as possible, without tarnish, please keep it away from water, perfumes, lotions etc. and preferably stored individually in a jewellery pouch.

Stainless Steel & Gold Plated Stainless Steel

Designed for those who seek both style and durability. Aqua Millie pieces are made from water-resistant gold-plated steel, making them the perfect jewellery to join you on all life's experiences!

Even if it's a day at the beach or hitting hot yoga classes, your Aqua Millie pieces will keep up with your lifestyle and won't tarnish, even the gold!

.925 Sterling Silver

As a registered jeweller of the Goldsmiths Assay Office in London, all our Sterling Silver pieces are hallmarked with the .925 stamp and pieces over 7.78g are hallmarked with the extra assay stamps accordingly.

Our Sterling Silver pieces with their simple designs are timeless, wearable and will add a bit of shine to each outfit ….day or night. This natural metal is low maintenance. Wear it …and keep wearing it!

Silver naturally oxidises over time - turning black or coppery, when this happens simply polish with a silver polishing cloth and it'll go right back to silver in an instant. You can purchase a silver polishing cloth here.

Gold Plated .925 Sterling Silver

Gold plated Sterling Silver jewellery is a stunning and affordable option that combines the luster of gold with the resilience of sterling silver.

Sterling Silver serves as the base and then a layer of gold is then electroplated onto the surface, imparting a luxurious and radiant finish.

All these pieces are hallmarked with the .925 stamp and others accordingly, depending on weight. 

This elegant fusion of materials results in jewellery pieces that exhibit the shimmering beauty of gold while maintaining the sturdiness and affordability of sterling silver. 

Avoiding exposure to water, lotions, and perfumes can significantly extend the lifespan of the gold plating.

9ct Gold

9ct jewellery is a timeless and popular choice that offers an excellent balance between elegance and resilience.

This metal is renowned for its durability and is the most affordable of all the gold. A good investment for those that want their jewellery to last forever.