Alison's Story

Hi, I'm Alison, the founder of Amalily! I'm thrilled you've come across my brand and I'm so excited to share it with you.
Amalily is an amazing collection of jewellery in an eclectic range of styles, welcoming you to find out what you connect with! Instead of it already being pinpointed and marketed to you, we thrive on witnessing your journey of discovering your own personal style. 
To be the artist, creating your own look 
Movement and nature are symbiotic of the jewellery that I love. It's all about feel, texture and evoking memories. The power of jewellery is the ability to completely change the way we feel, and the slightest detail in a beautiful piece has that power.
My journey began as a child in Cape Town, South Africa, where my treasured moments were either in the dance studio or running free in nature at my grandparents farm in Mossel Bay and the beach house - discovering sea life amongst the rock pools at Great Brak River. 
In 2012 it started out as a little stall on St Albans Market to supplement my dance training. Soon I noticed my stall was thriving and I was encouraged to open up at Old Spitalfields Market too.
An incredibly vibrant Sunday market, we'd have tourists from around the world and this inspired setting up my online shop to sell internationally. In such a crowded market, I was chuffed to be offered a permanent space.
The next few years were spent taking Amalily on the road - exhibiting at pop up shops, events and even Glastonbury!
My idea of a career travelling the world with a dance company, soon turned into funding many solo adventures myself - hiking the Inca Trail in Peru and backpacking South America, walking the whole Camino de Frances, were some of the experiences I was lucky enough to have.
A few years on and I took the next step - to open the first permanent bricks and mortar Amalily store in St Albans in 2020.
Three years later, we are buzzing! With so many new ideas and collections, and constantly in awe of the feedback we receive. We are so pleased to have put real roots down in St Albans and would love to open more stores down the line!
None of this would be possible without our amazing customers, who are so kind to continually spread the Amalily word! Thank you so much and I look forward to carrying on this journey with you all!
Ali x