About Amalily


Set up by Alison Lloyd in 2012,

Amalily celebrates diversity of design with jewellery inspired by the world around us.

Real, authentic style based on freedom, with one eye on the trends but firmly footed in timeless design.

We are the jewellery brand for the discerning eye, for those that may have expensive taste but don't feel the need to buy expensive jewellery!

With the desire for wearable, covetable and joyful pieces that fit effortlessly into your every day, each piece is crafted to a high standard, working in partnership with some of the most

talented makers from around the globe.

From our naturally vibrant semi-precious gemstone jewellery, 925 Sterling Silver and 9ct Gold collections to the incredible craftsmanship of our costume jewellery.

Hitting every spot with contemporary design and femininity.

There's no point having beautiful jewellery if the making of it hasn't been beautiful as well.

It's very important to us that our suppliers are ethical and the products are of a high quality. Fast fashion leads to fast waste which goes against our ethos.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our iewellery, pieces that you will love and wear for years to come!

What does AMALILY mean?

'AMA' inspired by the women of Amazonia - seen in our bold, statement pieces and 'LILY' symbolises the dainty, elegant jewellery = which is what we're all about... diversity of design!